My Heart is on the Field Transfer

Size: Adult approx 11-Sublimation
Sale price$4.50


Light colored shirts and white shirts are best for sublimation. Darker shirts such as grey will not show the design as well. Garment must be at least 50% polyester. 100% polyester items will give you the best colors. Anything less than 50% will give the design a vintage look.

  • Must have a heat press for this process.
  • No transfer sheet is needed.
  • Medium Pressure
  • 385-400 degrees
  • 45-60 seconds



  • Need HTV transfer mask
  • Weed excess vinyl away
  • Place HTV mask over design and peel backing away
  • Medium Pressure
  • 315 degrees
  • 15 seconds


Sizing will be for example 12in the widest point will be 12 inches.

Please allow 3-4 business days for orders to be completed and shipped.


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